How to Choose the Right Auto Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in a Virginia car accident and are left injured—both physically and financially—it is important that your choice of auto accident lawyer be the very best choice for you and for your situation. You are likely dealing with serious injuries, watching your medical bills mount alarmingly, and if your injuries are so severe that you are unable to return to work, you are also watching your regular monthly expenses go unpaid. Your vehicle was likely also damaged in the auto accident, leaving you struggling to find a way to replace or repair the vehicle so you can get to your doctor’s appointments, get your children to school and extra-curricular activities, and run necessary errands. No doubt about it, finding yourself in this position is frightening, stressful, and fraught with anxiety. If, however, you have an experienced Virginia auto accident attorney by your side who will handle all negotiations with insurance companies as well as other legal aspects of your accident, you will have the time to heal and get through this difficult time. How do you choose the best auto accident attorney for your situation—and do you need an auto accident attorney at all?

Are Auto Accident Attorneys Necessary?

Attorneys know that each and every year, thousands upon thousands of people are involved in accidents of one type or another, leaving them severely injured, dealing with the loss of work and uncaring insurance companies, wondering where to turn for the help they desperately need. Attorneys also know that most people are unfamiliar with the legal system and unprepared for the avalanche of paperwork they will be responsible for navigating, leaving them vulnerable and anxious, as well as unlikely to secure an equitable settlement to pay their medical bills and make up for lost wages due to their injuries.

Can Your Attorney Explain Person vs. Property?

Attorneys can guide you through the maze of information following your accident, including which type of damages you are looking at. Personal injury is damage to your person—the injuries you suffered as a result of your auto accident. Your vehicle was probably also damaged, which is considered property damage. Personal injury claims are typically much more complex than property claims, requiring the assistance of an experienced Virginia personal injury attorney.

Do Attorneys Consistently Get More Money for Their Clients?

Insurance companies do their best to convince accident victims to represent themselves and forego retaining an attorney, and here’s why—According to a study conducted by the Insurance Research Council, those who have suffered bodily injuries in an auto accident typically receive 3.5x more in settlement compensation when they are well-represented by a lawyer than those who attempt to represent themselves. In fact, in at least 85 percent of claims settled by the insurance company, the injured person hired an auto accident attorney. You may wonder why insurance companies attempt to low-ball or deny your claim, as well as discouraging you from hiring an experienced attorney. The answer is simple—insurance companies are hardly non-profit organizations, and they are fully aware that every claimant who is convinced to represent himself gives their company a greater margin per settled case, thus greater year-end profits. Personal injury attorneys are highly skilled in dealing with insurance companies and concerned with your bottom line.

Do Attorneys Really Fight Injustice?

Consider this scenario: You have suffered injuries from an auto accident that was not your fault. You find yourself lying in an emergency room in pain, waiting for a physician, contemplating possibly months or years of recovery, missed work, repeated physician’s visits, extreme medical bills, and the near-inevitable insurance problems. Your life has just turned from normal everyday living to a complicated nightmare. You are worried about how you will continue to provide for your family and pay your bills, and unscrupulous insurance companies are trying to take advantage of your vulnerability. At this moment, consider how attorneys fight for their clients’ rights and future every single day. Does your future suddenly seem more manageable?

How Do I Choose My Auto Accident Attorney?

You may decide to look on the Internet for an attorney, relying on reviews left by other clients, or you may choose your auto accident attorney based on the recommendation of a friend, family member, or co-worker. Make sure your chosen attorney has significant experience helping people just like you recover from Virginia auto accidents. It is also important that your attorney keeps in contact with you throughout the process and that your personalities “mesh” from the beginning. You never want your auto accident attorney to be an added stress, so it is important that you choose wisely.

How Can Tronfeld, West & Durrett Help Following an Auto Accident?

The reality is that hiring an auto accident attorney sooner rather than later is always the better choice. Life can certainly be unfair and you neither planned nor expected to be injured due to another driver’s inattention or negligence. A highly experienced attorney from Tronfeld, West & Durrett can cut through the “red tape,” providing you with an honest assessment of your personal injury claim and possible future litigation. Contact Tronfeld, West & Durrett today. Find extensive information on collisions involving trucks.