How do I know if I need a personal injury lawyer?

Not every case needs a personal injury lawyer. If a person suffers a very minor injury with no complications and the insurance adjuster for the at-fault party cooperates fully, that person probably does not need a lawyer. There are other situations, however, in which a personal injury lawyer is necessary. Personal Injury

When should a person have a personal injury lawyer?

Several scenarios require a personal injury lawyer to protect one’s interests and ensure fair treatment by the insurance company. We recommend hiring a personal injury lawyer when: An injured person has to deal with an insurance company: Insurance companies have one goal — to give injured victims as little as possible for their claims. To do this, insurance adjusters often trick victims into admitting fault or admitting that their injuries are not as serious as they claim. They also keep teams of lawyers on retainer to fiercely defend against claimants. When an injured person deals with an insurance company on his/her own, s/he is in a “David and Goliath” situation. Victims could lose thousands or recover nothing if they do not hire a lawyer of their own.

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The other side has a lawyer: Deciding to handle a case against a lawyer alone is truly walking into the lion’s den. The lawyer, who knows the law and the legal system, has one job: to take injured victims down and get everything s/he can for his/her client. To avoid being taken advantage of, an injured person should always have a lawyer if the other side has one. The injured person has serious injuries: If an injured person has suffered serious or complex injuries, s/he should have a lawyer make sure s/he gets all the compensation s/he deserves. This is particularly true if these injuries will result in long-term or permanent disability. A lawyer will examine the victim’s medical records and discuss the prognosis with his/her doctors to ensure the settlement covers all injury-related costs. The claim deals with complex or technical facts: Certain types of personal injury claims need a lawyer. Product liability claims often require engineers or other experts with specialized technical knowledge. Medical malpractice claims require testimony from a medical expert. Car accidents with disputed liability often require accident reconstruction experts. In these situations, a lawyer who has relationships with experts will be a huge asset.

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Fault is Disputed: Unless fault is totally obvious (e.g., the at-fault driver fell asleep at the wheel, was drunk, etc.), the insurer will fight tooth and nail and dispute fault at every turn. Most injured victims have neither the time nor the experience necessary to successfully fight back.


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