When you purchase a product, you trust it to be safe and effective for its intended use. However, when products fail and cause harm, it’s not just a breach of trust, it can also become a legal matter. Under Virginia’s law, you can pursue legal action to recover compensation for your damages.

At Tronfeld West & Durrett, we provide expert legal assistance to those injured by defective products in Norfolk. With our 50+ years of experience and a deep understanding of Virginia’s legal landscape, we’re equipped to guide you through every step of the legal process to secure the compensation you deserve. 

Product Liability Attorneys: Advocating for Consumer Safety

Defective products often lead to devastating consequences for individuals and their families, sometimes causing catastrophic injuries that completely disrupt lives. In this scenario, product liability cases are not just about compensation, they’re also about upholding consumer safety standards. 

Having a personal injury attorney by your side can make a world of difference. We’re dedicated to ensuring that negligent manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are held accountable for injuries caused by their products, protecting other consumers from future harm.

We’ve been offering comprehensive legal representation to individuals who’ve been injured due to defective or unsafe products since 1972. There are a lot of legal nuances that come into play in product liability cases in Norfolk, so keep reading to get the data you need to make an informed decision about your situation.

Types of Product Defects and Liability

Product defects range from design flaws to manufacturing errors and inadequate warnings or instructions, among other factors. Each type of defect presents unique challenges in a legal context, but our attorneys work to identify the specific nature of the defect and the appropriate legal strategy to address it.

Strict Liability vs. Negligence in Product Liability Cases

Understanding the distinctions between strict liability and negligence in product liability cases is crucial in determining the legal basis you’ll use to get compensated for injuries caused by defective products.

While strict liability holds manufacturers and sellers responsible for defects (regardless of fault or intent), negligence, on the other hand, requires proving that the defendant failed to exercise the reasonable care expected for the situation. To build a compelling case, an attorney will help you choose the best course of action to take according to the specific circumstances of your case.

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Causes of Product Liability: Identifying Fault

Identifying the cause of a product defect is crucial in a product liability case. As we already mentioned, injuries by defective products are often the outcome of a series of oversights or errors that can occur at various stages of a product’s lifecycle. These stages include the initial design phase, the manufacturing process, and even the marketing and distribution of the product.

The design phase is a critical juncture where inherent flaws can be inadvertently introduced. A design flaw might not be immediately apparent, but over time, it can lead to catastrophic failures, risking the safety and well-being of the consumer. For instance, a flaw in the design of an automotive component could lead to a failure in critical situations, and causing car accidents. In such cases, the liability may rest with the designers or the company that approved the design.

To prove liability, a personal injury attorney will embark on a thorough investigation to determine the party or parties responsible for the defective product. 

Damages You Can Recover After a Product-Related Injury

Injuries resulting from defective products can lead to significant physical, emotional, and financial hardships. However, victims of product-related injuries may be entitled to various forms of compensation. These include:

  • Medical expenses and rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages (including future diminished earning capacity)
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering

Pursuing legal action to recover compensation is essential to ensure victims receive the support and resources they need to recover from their injuries.

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The Process of Pursuing a Product Liability Claim

If you’re looking to pursue legal action after being injured by a defective product, make sure to keep in mind the statute of limitations for product liability cases in Virginia, which is usually two years and requires you to act quickly to avoid losing your right to compensation. With that said, navigating a product liability claim in Norfolk generally involves the following steps:

Step 1: Case Evaluation and Consultation

The initial phase in pursuing a product liability claim involves a comprehensive case evaluation and consultation with a personal injury attorney in Norfolk.

During this consultation, our legal team will assess the details of the incident, the nature of the injury, and the product involved. With this information, we’ll be ready to determine the best course of action and craft a unique legal strategy tailored to your specific circumstances.

Step 2: Investigation and Gathering Evidence

A successful product liability case requires solid evidence. This is crucial to establish the liability of manufacturers, distributors, or retailers and to build a compelling case.

To do this, our team will conduct a comprehensive investigation of your case, gathering all the necessary evidence to support your claim. This includes taking into account product testing, expert opinions, and industry standards, among other relevant information.

Step 3: Negotiation and Litigation

Although most product liability cases are resolved through negotiation with the at-fault party’s insurance company, when a fair settlement cannot be reached, we’ll prepare your case for litigation and trial, aiming to secure just compensation through the court system.

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