Established in 1972, Tronfeld West & Durrett brings to the table over 50 years of legal expertise with personal injury cases in Virginia. Our lawyers specialize in handling cases like yours, where negligence has led to life-altering injuries such as TBIs. We focus on delivering results that matter to you, ensuring your rights are upheld during the whole legal process.

Have You Suffered a TBI Due to Negligent Action in Chesterfield? Trust Our Lawyers with 50 Years of Experience

If you’ve experienced a traumatic brain injury in Chesterfield due to someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation under Virginia’s law.

Recovering damages in Virginia requires proving that another party’s recklessness directly caused your injury and, to achieve this, is crucial to get legal advice. The attorneys at our office in Chesterfield are well-equipped to assist you in this process, ensuring your case is handled with the attention it deserves. Specifically, we can provide:

  • Legal expertise: We are well-versed in personal injury law, considering how both state-wide and local regulations impact your case. Our team understands the nuances of Virginia’s legal system and how to leverage them to effectively solve your case.
  • Investigation: Additionally, we conduct comprehensive investigations to collect evidence and establish liability. This includes consulting with medical professionals, accident reconstruction experts, and eyewitnesses to build a compelling case that gets you financially restored.
  • Negotiation: Our team has extensive experience in negotiating with insurance companies. We aim to secure a fair settlement that reflects the full extent of your losses, managing all communications on your behalf.
  • Litigation: If your case goes to trial, our lawyers will represent you vigorously in court and strive for the maximum compensation possible before a judge and jury.

At Tronfeld West & Durrett, we’re committed to delivering tailored legal services that focus on your specific needs and circumstances. With a history of successful case results on our backs, we aim to ensure you receive the justice and compensation you deserve to move forward with your life.

Cases When Negligence Causes Catastrophic Injuries Such as TBIs

Traumatic brain injuries are a significant public health concern, and this type of catastrophic injury affects thousands of individuals in the United States each year.

According to the Brain Injury Association of Virginia, TBIs are a major cause of death and disability, with over 69,000 TBI-related deaths occurring in the US each year. Moreover, in Virginia, the leading causes of TBI-related death are firearms, motor vehicle accidents, and falls, according to Virginia Commonwealth University.

We know the causes of accidents that cause TBIs are varied, but when these injuries are a result of negligence, the need for legal intervention becomes critical. Our experience spans a range of causes, including:

We can help you with any case, no matter its complexity. Our team of attorneys is large enough to handle any case while maintaining an approach tailored to each individual’s unique situation.

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How Do You Prove Traumatic Brain Injury in Virginia?

Proving a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Virginia hinges on demonstrating that another’s negligence directly led to the injury. At the same time, this requires a comprehensive understanding of the legal requirements and standards of evidence, as well as establishing negligence, causation, and damages to build a strong case. This process is crucial in personal injury cases because it establishes your right to compensation.

In cases of medical malpractice, for instance, and according to Virginia Code § 8.01-581.1, proving negligence involves establishing that a healthcare provider failed to adhere to the appropriate standard of care and that this failure was the cause of the injury.

In such cases, our lawyers collaborate with medical experts to analyze the care provided and identify any deviations from accepted medical practices.

We Can Help You Cover All the Damages from the Accident

In personal injury cases, such as those involving traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), damages refer to monetary compensations awarded to individuals who’ve suffered harm due to the negligence or wrongful actions of others. These compensations help victims to manage the financial burdens that come with serious injuries. Damages include:

Medical Expenses

These include costs for emergency room visits, hospital stays, surgeries, medications, rehabilitation therapies, and any ongoing medical care. Our approach involves a detailed assessment of all your medical bills and projected future medical needs to ensure your compensation covers the entire spectrum of your healthcare expenses.

Lost Wages and Income

TBIs can significantly impact your ability to work, leading to lost wages and, in some cases, a diminished capacity to earn in the future. We meticulously calculate these losses, considering your current income, potential future earnings, and the impact of your injury on your career trajectory.

Pain and Suffering

Compensation for pain and suffering addresses the non-economic impact of your injury, such as physical pain, emotional distress, and reduced quality of life. These damages are subjective and require a nuanced approach to valuation.

Our Chesterfield Attorneys Can Maximize Your Recovery for a TBI. No Fee Unless We Win Your Case

At Tronfeld West & Durrett, we take a structured approach to recovering all damages caused by the accident. We start by gathering all relevant evidence, collaborating with medical professionals to understand the full extent of your injuries, and with financial experts to project future costs and losses. This way, we can accurately assess the full impact of your injury to determine a fair compensation amount to claim for.

For example, one of the TBI cases we handled in Chesterfield involved a severe car accident. The plaintiff, a 61-year-old individual, was involved in a head-on collision caused by another driver losing control of their vehicle. The accident led to ongoing cognitive deficits due to the injuries sustained. In this case, our team successfully secured a $725,000 settlement that reflected the severity of the injuries and their impact on the plaintiff’s life. As we did in this case, we work to ensure you receive the maximum compensation possible under Virginia’s law, allowing you to move forward after a life-altering injury such as a TBI.

If you have a similar case, don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule an initial screening call and discuss your TBI case with expert lawyers, with no upfront costs or financial risk.

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