Hannah Keeter

Photo of Nikayla and Hannah with the Attorneys

Name: Hannah Keeter

Currently Enrolled (2019): Liberty University

About Winning: 

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity in funding the TWD Step by Step Scholarship so that high-achieving students like myself can afford the education required to reach their goals. I am extremely honored to be a recipient of this award.

I am looking forward to attending Liberty University in the fall and I am enthused to pursue a major in Elementary Education. I am hopeful that I will complete my degree at Liberty University in a timely manner, and I await with pleasure the opportunity to earn a position as an educator within Goochland County.”


“Following my graduation from Goochland High School, I am planning to attend Liberty University and major in Elementary Education with an English Cognate. I am extremely thrilled to attend a university with such high moral standards and passionate beliefs that I hope to carry with me throughout my career and use to lift up both my students and fellow colleagues. I am hopeful that upon the completion of my Bachelor’s degree, I will be able to earn a position at one of the elementary schools from my hometown of Goochland. During my senior year at Goochland, I had the privilege to observe the wonderful teachers of Goochland Elementary. It was through this internship that my decision to become a teacher, especially a Goochland teacher, was solidified. All of the staff that I encountered constantly lifted me up and encouraged me to pursue my dreams of becoming an educator. Coming back to my hometown will allow me to serve the youth that are growing up in the same area that I too once grew up in. As an elementary school teacher, I will be placed in a position of high influence on the children of our future society. I take this as a huge responsibility and honor, for I, along with my fellow colleagues, will be shaping the minds of the next generation. I recognize that it is extremely important for these children to learn from the most qualified educators in order to come out on top and be the change that they wish to see in our world.

One of my primary goals as a future educator is to encourage my students to know that they can do all things they set their minds to. I would never wish for any child to feel like they aren’t enough or that they can’t succeed due to any of their life circumstances. Growing up in a broken home, I know the great struggle that comes with attempting to overcome adversity. Shortly after I was born, my dad decided to get addicted to drugs and sacrifice the life that he had with his family. Due to this choice, he was arrested, leaving my mom and I alone with little financial support. Ever since that day, my mom was in and out of relationships, bringing many men in and out of my life. Even though I grew up never having a dad, my mom always did her best to play both roles in my life and to provide for me in the best ways that she could. I hope to be my mom in that analogy and continually love and support my students at all times, but especially when I am aware of a challenge they are facing. I am blessed to have such a strong drive to succeed, that I am able to break the walls around me and follow my dreams. I want all of my students to realize that everyone has struggled and overcome their challenges. I want them to know that they have the power to do exactly the same.

No one is defined by their struggles, with inspiration and encouragement, everyone can overcome anything they are dealing with. My dream is to make sure that all of my future students hear those words over and over again so that they can have the confidence to do great things without fear of rejection or a poor outcome. I know, though, that this dream is nearly impossible and although I may never fully attain my goals, that doesn’t mean that I don’t at least give it a try, because my effort in trying could lead to a positive change in at least one child’s life. Due to the instances that occurred in my early years of life, I am currently finding it very hard to find the means to afford my choice college. A scholarship of any amount from Tronfield West & Durrett would be extremely helpful to my family. Not only would these funds support my education and future career goals, but also the education and dreams of my future students.”