Gary Díaz Tompkins

Scholarship Winner Gary Diez Tompkins with TWD AttorneysName: Gary Díaz Tompkins

Currently Enrolled: Homeschooled


Setback to a Setup

My parents instilled in me honesty, quality work, and the value of education. My life took a dramatic turn when father died of a sudden heart attack. We are still recovering.

Family is important to me because we fled many battles. My grandfather was a cattleman and farmer. In 1980 war began in El Salvador. People became jealous of his wealth. Grandfather was stabbed at church. Father returned to El Salvador to settle the estate. Much was stolen from my grandfather. My uncle and grandmother left El Salvador to live in Mexico to escape war. Father returned to the United States.

I am proud of the life my father gave us. He built a successful contracting business, worked as a translator, and specialized in architectural drawings. Mother managed the home.

My father’s death is the most significant thing that happened to me. It impacts me emotionally, financially, and socially. Applying to college takes a lot of rigor. It is difficult without father’s backbone. Father took the lead and protected the family.
After my father died we lived with grandparents. Three years ago, things changed again when our house caught on fire. I lost many things. Grandfather was in the process of remodeling another house although it was not finished it did provide a place for us to live after the fire. The trauma of fire prepared me to realize no day is promised. I was in school one day and wore a shirt that had remained in the burnt house. My grandmother washed and ironed it for me to wear to school. I was proud of my surviving shirt, only to be reminded by a classmate that I was still in the fire by the smell of my shirt. My classmate thought this was funny. I did not have time to focus on stupid innuendo.

As a boy of Latino decent I was and am given a hard time by my white classmates. People call me Mexican and tell me to go back to Mexico. I get stupid questions as what am I. I tell them I am human and what color I am will not rub off on them. If a person needs blood or a donor transplant do they ask what the donor looked like?

My mother tried to sign me up with a mentor from the Boys and Girls Club. There was a two-year wait. She immediately started looking for a male role model to mentor me. She found three mentors for me. Within a year two mentors died. The other mentor moved away.

I take pride that my grandparents and parents are Native American, Spanish, and African. I am proud to have a cultural palette of history and customs. I am reminded of my Spanish language when my English papers show Spanish syntax. I claim it is my parent’s fault.

Despite challenges, I turned my adversity into serendipity. In grades 6 – 12 I received honor roll, excellent conduct, and citizenship awards. My job is to do my best. I possess wisdom, knowledge, and endurance. I learned life evolves. I have no excuses not to succeed.

I am a 4-H All Star, National High School Scholar, Farm Bureau Outstanding Agriculturalist, Jr. Assistant Scoutmaster, and have worked on computers since the 7th grade. Since 7th grade I wanted to become a computer engineer and a lawyer. I will focus on intellectual property and establishing a children’s education foundation. I will help farmers patent their inventions, while at the same time working globally to protect private and government interests.

Eager to contribute to my future undergraduate community, I will use my Boy Scout leadership skills to promote school pride and my baritone voice in song or speech will motivate students. I will create a recycling program for three reasons: preserving green spaces for future generations, financial savings for the college, and it will show classmates each of us can make a difference.

Five years from now I will have my first degree in computer science engineering. The sky is the limit as to what I can do. I may experiment with the introduction of nanobots into the tissues of soldiers to fight war related casualties. Later, I will create a low-cost, nutritious food supply to help sustain those in need. I do not limit myself to one thing, but a multitude of jobs in a global career.

Ten years from now I will use my law degree to help patent agriculture inventions. I will represent global clientele in the area of intellectual property. Maintain a large land supply to create a global cargo supply company on demand, while farming for myself and the world.

Fifteen years from now, I will obtain a doctorate degree. It will probably be a doctorate of law or international business. I will fund my nonprofit educational company. This will provide scholarships, project base learning, and cultural exchanges to youth. Twenty years from now, as many now try to pull me into political arena, perhaps I will step up to the plate.

In conclusion, I am properly preparing myself for a future full of endless possibilities. Will I encounter any setbacks along the way? Yes, but I know how to take the sourest lemon and turn it into sweet, homemade lemonade with a twist. I am flexible, wise, and a quick learner. My purpose for college is not to attend a social club. My objective is to achieve academic excellence, continue to be a positive citizen of great character, and prepare myself as a global change agent. I am in enormous financial need. I appreciate any financial assistance bestowed to me. I am a young man on a mission, not to be twisted.