Majd Aboul Hosn

Tronfeld West Durrett Scholarship Winner - Majd
Mr. Hosn with his mother and attorneys Elizabeth West and John Newby.

Name: Majd Aboul Hosn

Currently Enrolled: Meadowbrook High School

Essay: Leadership For A Change

A great leader is an essential part of any community that desires to progress forward. These leaders come in many forms, as the effective speaker is able to instill great motivation in his followers through inspiring speeches and emotional appeal, while the introverted leader quietly creates a great example for his peers, unknowingly helping in the bettering of others. I classify as the latter, trying to act as a role model for others. I plan on advancing these attempts in my future, moving on to larger forms of leadership, except rather than through giving a speech or setting a good example for others, I plan on doing so through leading the progress of knowledge with research.

I plan on majoring in biology and mathematics in my years of undergraduate study to prepare myself to study cancer in medical school. The most effective way for one to leave a lasting impact on the world is to determine what problem they feel needs a solution, and dedicate their lives to such a solution. In my opinion, cancer is the problem that requires a solution the most, as the amount of people it affects and the ability it has to not only deteriorate one’s health but also to rob one of their soul, is an issue that I cannot stand knowing exists in the world. The effort put into one’s fight against the deadly disease, seen through the loved ones around me, is absolutely dispiriting. Being able to witness someone’s daily battle with cancer, and applying that knowledge to the millions of others who are similarly fighting puts the situation into perspective, and creates the passion that I have for wanting to help be a solution to the problem.

This is where I desire to leave my mark through leadership, as I intend upon researching potential cures for various types of cancer, if not a general one for all types. Thus, my overarching goal is to establish a research center for the development of cures for cancer, and to lead my own research team. Eventually, I would even like to open my own hospital, where I could treat cancer patients as well. However, this goal would be quite difficult to reach coming straight out of college, and thus I would need to take smaller steps to reach this achievement. This is where the Tronfeld West & Durrett Scholarship will have the largest influence, as I plan to use it for the purchasing of textbooks, independent studies and/or available research opportunities. My research would have to begin early. I plan on being able to start researching cancer as an undergraduate student over the next few years to gain the primary experience necessary to achieve my goals. Obviously challenges could occur that would halt my efforts towards these goals. This could include mental barriers, in which I begin to believe that my aspirations are unachievable, or more general obstacles, such as a lack of apparent opportunities for cancer study. However, the simple solution to both of these challenges is persistence. Mentally, I will need to remind myself of the purpose behind my endeavors constantly, serving as motivation for my actions. Meanwhile in terms of opportunities, I will have to consistently search for connections and mentors that will be available to aid in the beginning of my ventures. Both forms of barriers would certainly present challenges, but neither a threat to the termination of my ambitions.

I hope to be able to make a significant difference to the lives of many. I also hope that this guarantees that I am able to ensure less people having to suffer from such a terrible disease. I intend to begin my pursuit of this type of leadership immediately, desiring to take advantage of the opportunity to begin researching as early as next year. I will continue upon this path to the furthest level possible, setting my sights upon leading a research team after my college endeavors. Although the task at hand is a difficult one, the proper leadership can make all problems achievable, and by doing so I plan on being a part of the ultimate solution.