Injury to Warehouse Worker Nets $1 Million Verdict

Excerpt from Virginia Lawyers Weekly.

The plaintiff was a 59-year-old warehouse worker from Broadnax in Brunswick County. On Oct. 16, 2002, he was working at Pecht Distributors in Lawrenceville when a delivery from the Budweiser brewery in Williams-burg was made. The defendant Commercial Carrier Corporation and its driver, defendant Larry Blizzard, delivered the beer. The driver had great difficulty backing the tractor-trailer into position at the loading dock. After approximately 30 to 35 minutes, he finally had the truck aligned square and flush with the loading dock. During this time period, the plaintiff and another warehouse worker were standing outside the warehouse watch-ing the driver attempt to back the truck into position. When the driver was finally in position, the plaintiff went into the warehouse and prepared to inspect the load of beer for damage.

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This verdict was one of the largest in Virginia in 2006, learn more about the verdict.